A Krafty Girl Meetup!!

Whew!! What a weekend! I'm still recovering from our little trip to Kitchener for Scrapfest! So much fun, so many new goodies and so many wonderful friends!!!

Krafty Andrea and I went up on Friday so that we could stay overnight and be at the Auditorium bright and early on Saturday morning. We had hoped to meet up with a couple more Krafty Girls but things didn't seem to be working out for us. Tara had planned to come with her friend but then something came up. Vicki was sick with a stomach bug....blech...poor girl! And Melanie was coming, then couldn't come, then finally...she came!!

So while Andrea and I shopped and chatted and visited with people like Emily Bella, Linda Heavens, Paula Williamson, Kimber McGray....we were trying to keep our eyes peeled for Melanie's red hair! Haha! We didn't see her anywhere during the first part of the day, so when we met up with Angie and Lori, we were so hungry from all the shoppin' that we decided to leave the Aud and go out for lunch!! We went to Red Lobster....yummmmm! Anyway, the minute that we walked back into Scrapfest, we saw Melanie!!! Yaaaay! It was so wonderful to finally meet this amazingly talented woman! She's so sweet and we chatted and hung out and looked for new goodies together! Wish we could have spent more time together....but I'm hoping there will be more events for us all to meet up at.....hopefully Tara and Vicki can make it too next time!

Hey....how about a Kraftin' Kimmie event?? An all day stamping event.....what do you think?? Would anyone be interested in something like that??? Hmmmm....something to ponder.

Anyhoo, here's a shot of three Krafty Ladies!!

Probably THE most exciting part of my day.....was seeing Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps at the Scrapalicious booth!! What an absolute thrill!! I can't believe it....I may have even teared up a tiny bit! Of course I had to take pics! It was also pretty cool when people told me that they knew my stamps and love them! Super kool!!!

Be sure to check out my personal blog and Andrea's blog tomorrow for more fun deets and some super pics from our fabby day at Scrapfest!!!


  1. SO glad you had fun!! Now you have to come to Pennsylvania!! Haha!! LOVE your stamps!! Have an AWESOME day and cannot wait to see more pics!!!


  2. How fun! Glad you all got to meet up.

  3. I am so sorry I missed you ladies. I did however spy and purchase some Kraftin Kimmie rubba! YAY!!!!

  4. I just received my shipment of stamps from your online store! I couldn't wait to get them mounted and start stamping! Your stamps are amazing! The detail comes through every time and I love the ideas I see on this blog site! Keep them coming!