Krafty Tips & Tutes: Watercolor/Salt Technique

Hey All!!!

Krafty Girl Alexis here with a really neat way to make a background for your stamps or sentiments.

All you will need are the following:

- salt (kosher/sea salts and/or table salt)
- Watercolor paints (PS - I tried Artist Loft, however this one didn't work)
- Watercolor paper (I prefer the cold press)
- paint brush (I like the bigger one for this technique)
- water
- papertowels or a waterproof mat

OK are ya ready for this one?!?!?!?!?!

1. lay out your paper on your mat or papertowels. You are now going to wet it with a pretty good amount of water!!! I then put my lightest color on.

2.  The put your main color on. I used a dark blue to simulate a night sky. The great thing about this technique is you can choose whatever color you need! You can do a dual color, sunset colors...the possibilities are endless!!!

3. next you get to sprinkle your salt!!! Please note that with smaller crystals your effect may look different as on mine I used kosher salt.

4. Now is the hardest part....the waiting!! LOL I usually wait until my watercolor paper is dry to the touch before I move it. I usually leave it about 45 mins or more depending on how much water was used. The salt will absorb some of the color giving it this pretty cool effect!

Then you can gently remove the salt using your hand into the garbage and Voila!!!! A neat background for a card or a scene!!

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks Tutes!!!

Be sure to check out my cards for the awesome Sneek Peeks we have for you next week to see if you can spot the card I used this technique on!!!!



  1. That is pretty darn cool! TFS!!

  2. Wow, never seen this technique before. Looks like fun with such gorgeous results. Thank you for sharing this with us:)