12 Days of Handmade Gifts Day 10! Stamped Candles

Hey Krafty Peeps!  It's Krafty Girl Kelli here with todays 12 days of Handmade Gifts.  Today I'm going to share how to stamp on candles.

Supplies:  Candles (el cheapo work fine), Heat Gun, Tissue Paper, Kraftin Kimmie Icy Fairy, Memento Ink, Copic Markers

Just stamp your image onto a single ply piece of the tissue paper like you would for a card.

I always tear around my image to get the edges frayed so that when it's time to adhere to the candle there aren't any harsh lines.

Next color image, blending isn't easy due to the tissue absorbing the ink and making it easy to tear.

Place the colored image onto the candle.  I lay my candle on it's side to minimize the running of the wax.  Static cling will keep the image on the candle if you choose to keep it up right.

Heat with your heat gun moving constantly.  the tissue will absorb the melted candle wax and adhere and seal the image.  

VIOLA!  Instant cutie ready for a fun little gift bag and some glitter.  

Here's a little bit of house cleaning in case you didn't know it... you can use this same principle to clean up spilled candle wax.  Heat your iron up and using a paper towel, place the paper towel over the spilled wax and iron the paper towel.  The paper towel will absorb the wax, move the paper towel so that you have a clean spot each time ironing and another VIOLA!  lol  Wax gone.  This works on walls, carpets, counters and speaker fronts... don't ask me how I know! ;)



  1. Wow, thanks for the inspiration. The candle look fabulous!!

  2. Thanks for a great tutorial! I never knew how people were getting their stamps on candles when I'd see it in various challenges! I'll have to give this a try myself now!

  3. I love your amazing idea!! And the housekeeping idea...awesome!!

  4. love this thanks for showing me how to do it !