Bottom of the sea background tutorial

Hi everyone!

Are you ready for another Krafty Tip and Tutes? 
Great! I made an other under water tutorial, but this time I focus on the bottom of the sea.
Perfect for all your mermaid or other underwater stamps, on this card I've used the gorgeous Dolly Diver.

Warning: there are tons of images!

First I stamped Dolly Diver with Memento Desert Sand on Neenah cardstock by Crafter's Companion. You can do this on any paper you use for colouring with alcohol markers.
I coloured a border with E41 for the bottom of the sea. It doesn't have to be flawless.

After that I came in with E31 to add some depth on the bottom and blended it out with 41.

Then I coloured the water with a layer of BG000. I doesn't have to be a perfect colouring, it's only a base.

Right above the bottom of the sea I've added a splash of BG34 and BG23.

I blended those colours together with my BG11.

I blended the colours out with BG10 towards the top. The background base is ready now.

Now I had to add a light source. the sunshine comes in from the upper left corner. I've marked with my blender the lightsourse in the colourwork. You'll notice the lighter lines in the water now.

 After we created the lighter parts, it's time to create some darker lines to. I did that with BG34.

Blend the lines out with BG11. Do you see what is happening?

After we did the lower part, it's time to do the upper part. I choose to use some blue colours for this one: B32 and B91 and blended it out with BG000.

 I repeated the last steps to have more contrast.

 After that it's time to draw some plants with YG06.

Create some depth with YG09 and finish with G28.

 Create some texture on the sand by adding dots at the darkest places with E33.

 Add some E31 dots around the previous ones to blend them out and add some new dots.

As final step you can blend the latest dots out with E41 and add some texture again by putting dots on the whole bottom part. And it's finished!!! 

Here's the card I made with Dolly Diver and this background.

I hope you will give this background a try!

Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it!!!



  1. Wow! Amazing work! Thank you for showing us how to do this!! I wish I had all those markers!!

  2. Wow! Great Tut!!! Anxious to go and try this out! Thanks~

  3. Wow!!!! That's Amazing looking! !!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  4. OMG, that's sooo cool. Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Great technique. Love how you added the rays of sunlight coming into the water. Very creative and inspirational card. THANK YOU for sharing this with us:)