Krafty Tips ~ Glimmery cards

Hey Krafty Peeps!  It's Krafty Girl Kelli here for today's Krafty Tips & Tutes!

Today I thought I'd help you with some quick and easy Holiday cards.  I will show you how to mass produce a very simple but gorgeous card that won't get the recipient all glittery!  :)

For my project I used the following supplies:  Glamour Dust, Holiday Trinkets, Perma Tac/Heat n Stick powder, White cardstock, Navy cardstock, Versamark ink,  navy ink and some gold trim.

You will first stamp your stamp in the navy ink.  If you have a solid stamp like the Holiday Trinkets and are having difficulty getting a solid inking, tap your stamp into the Versamark ink first then directly to the navy ink.  Stamp onto your cardstock that is cut for your image.
Now take your Versamark ink pad and directly apply it ink pad to paper technique covering the entire piece of cardstock.

Next apply your heat n stick (or perma tac) to the entire piece of cardstock, tapping off the extra.
Heat the powder until melted, it will have a shine when you are done.  This is VERY sticky so make sure you don't drop it on the carpet..... ;)

Now apply the Glamour Dust to the entire face of the paper covering up all of the shiny melted heat n stick and tap off the excess

The next step is important.  Although the heat n stick is very sticky, heat the piece again with your heat gun, it kinda remelts the sticky and grabs on to the Glamour Dust, you can see it twinkle, kinda like hearing Rice Krispies snap crackle pop LOL

Place your finished piece onto your matting and add the gold trim.  You will need to use a strong wet glue for this.  I used Tombow Mono (green cap)

There ya have it.  Since the Heat n Stick won't dry you can easily set up an assembly line for this type of card!!!  I hope you enjoyed this Tute!  Can't wait to see you all post your creations!



  1. Beautiful card! Am going to have to get hold of some of that powder: what a fabulous way to use glitter, TFS Karen x