06 January 2010

NEW January Images!!!

I'm so excited...I just can't wait to show you ALL the new release stamps!! I can't wait to hear everyone's response to what we've got planned for our favourite stampers....YOU!!!

First off, have you ever heard the word Steampunk??? Well, if you have, you've never seen any Steampunk stamps!!! And that's what we're here for!! Annie Rodrigue has been having fun with this theme and these unique images are gonna rock your socks!! Think Victorian England, think gadgets and mechanics, think goggles, time travel and airships!! Have any of you seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie with my boyfriend, Robert Downey Jr. yet?? He's so handsome...... and buff...... and totally charming................hehem! I digress....well, THAT's what this new release is all about!! You're gonna love it!!

Secondly, Crissy Armstrong has TOTALLY outdone herself! She has gone in a totally new direction and her new line of fairies are so fantastical and flowy! When I look at these images and see the gorgeous creations that the design team has made using them, I feel like I'm in a meadow in springtime with a little bit of magic all around! They are absolutely incredible!!

And Jean Grant has the most adorable duo of Cindy and Mindy in some incredible fun situations!! They'll make you feel like dancin'.....or havin' a party......or shoutin' out loud......or goin' for a ride!!! Just wait until you see Cindy and her teddy bear Mindy, getting into some trouble this month!!

We're all geared up and ready to show you our stuff!!! The previews officially begin on Friday, with the release going live on Sunday!! But you just MIGHT get to see some stuff early, if you keep your eyes peeled!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!



  1. oooooooo They all sound ADORABLE and also sound like I MUST have them all! hehe, will be keeping my eyes wide open, lol! xx

  2. Ooooohhhhh.. Your killing me!! I can't wait to get some more. I doing a class at my local SBS using one of your stamps so she would have to get some for her store... :)

  3. I'm intrigued ! Love what Annie has done so far so i know i wont be disappointed.....Ohhhh the suspense :)

  4. Look forward to seeing what you've created :)
    ... but hate the idea of waitin lol

  5. OOOOOooo they sound good can't wait to see!

  6. What is funny is that I have only just recently heard of steam punk. My brother in law builds custome guitar cases and he is working on a "steam punk" one right now. At first I though he said steam trunk - lol!!! I cannot wait to see these new stamps!!!!