24 November 2014

Krafty tips & tutes #41: Colour a sky with clouds

Hi everyone!

Deborah here and today it's my turn to share a tutorial with you all at Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps!
There are so many requests asking if I can show you how I colour my sky with those clouds.
So I decided to do that.
Remember, there's no right or wrong, only your own interpretation and creativity!
 You can click on the image to enlarge. Sorry for the reddish photo's!

We start with stamping the image on good colouring paper. I use Neenah cardstock, but it will work on others too! I've used "Icy Fairy" for the example.

First step: I draw some clouds with my C0 marker. I like to have them "flat" underneath the cloud and fluffy on the top. I always try to have 3 or 5 clouds on an image. The results are the best if parts of (some) clouds are behind the image, that way the image pops. I draw the clouds bigger at the top of my image than the clouds on the bottom. (They are much further away)

If you are happy with the clouds, you can create shades in the notches with your C3.

Blend your C3 out with your C1 marker and look at those clouds, they are coming alive!

The last step for the clouds: create some extra shading at the bottom of the clouds with your C0 marker. The clouds are ready!

Now we have to fill in the sky. We start with B00 around the image (not in the clouds of course) and flick to the outside.

Blend it out with B000 and add some extra long parts of sky between the clouds.

Blend it out with B0000 and fill in the white parts with it. And now your image is ready!

This is the image when it's totally coloured up

I hope this was clear, if not, please ask your questions. I would be happy to help you!



  1. Your tutorial is very clear and I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much. I havent tried it without a stencil but I am excited to now. TFS Lizzy

  2. PERFECTION!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!