15 June 2015

Baby Shower "Leave a note" board tutorial with Itty Bitty Friends!

Good morning everyone!

Krafty Girl Stephanie with you today to show you a complete DIY project featuring the Itty Bitty Friends set! Believe me when I say that it's quite simple to create and also a fun decoration to give as a gift. I did this one for my best friend's baby shower, but you can easily rearrange the concept and adapt it to multiple uses!

You will need a canvas, some acrylic paint, a wide brush, some rough twine, clothespins and your favourite KK images stamped on die-cut shapes. Here I did them on onesies and it was the perfect itty bitty size, because it IS a baby shower after all, isn't it?

SO, what I first did was to start with a  blank canvas, layering two coats of a bright teal paint.

Here's the result once completely dried.

With a strong tool, stapler, hammer and/or lots of patience, staple your first end of twine on the top side of the canvas. Sligthly unroll the twine to the other side, creating a loose diagonal. You don't want it too tight, or you won't be able to add the clothespins!

Staple your way through the entire canvas, doing as many lines as you want.

Now for the fun part; hang some die-cut shapes here and there, embellishments, and your previously stamped images on the canvas!

This fun and easy project can serve as a guestbook for your party, as a home decor piece, etc. In my case, I asked the attendees to write notes and advices to the future parents, and I'm sure they had fun reading them after that!

Feeling inspired by this Krafty tute? Show us your interpretation on the facebook group!

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