20 December 2015

Krafty Tips & Tutes! ... Flowersoft.

Hi Everyone!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had some amazing weather here...still no snow though.

Today I am going to share with you how I use flowersoft.

The image I choose to work with is Holly Jolly! This is a great image as the flowersoft will add demension to the card.

Now the instructions below is how I use mine.

1. stamp your image onto very thick cardstock.

2. put a thin layer of white glue down.

3. take your flowersoft and spoon a little separate from the container. you don't want your glue fingers in there as it will ruin the rest of the product.

4. lightly dust the flowersoft over the white glue. keep adding layers on.

5. I had different colors and thickness of the flowersoft so I keep adding different layers.

6. once it's done you may need to add a bit more glue in areas and more flowersoft.

7. I left mine to dry overnight. I then added the colored and cut out pinecones and the gold dots to make the wreath pop.

I have included both versions (with and without flowersoft) to show you the two looks I achieved.


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  1. Such beautiful card Alexis!! Thanks a lot for sharing it. Happy New 2016!!