07 March 2016

Krafty Tips and Tutes - Ink Smooshing

Welcome back to another Monday with Tips and Tutes!

Today I'm going to smoosh some ink, and I hope you'll join in and have some fun.
Get ready, you don't need much to play.

You need: 3-4 Distress ink pads, spray bottle with water and some paper.
I have die cut a tag out of pretty cheap watercolor paper, 
but I know this works on other kind of paper too, so try it out what you like best!
It's good if it not get flimsy when it become a bit wet.

Scribble your inkpads on a plastic surface. I've used my craft teflon sheet.

Mist water until you see the ink pearl.

Smoosh your paper (tag) into the colors. 

And have a look. Yum! I dried this with my heat gun.

And smooshed again in the ink - and dried it. 

Smooshed and draged a few times more. You don't have to dry it in between every time you smoosh, you can just try a variation. To get more "spots" try drying it and smoosh again.

This is what it looked when I was satisfied after a bunch of smooshing in the ink.

And I couldn't hold back from my mist bottles so I splashed a few drops of Glimmer Mist over the colored part to add some shimmer. Unscrew the top and use the "straw" inside to drip or splash some ink randomly (Note - I don't mist the color on).

And this is the piece when I'm ready.

Leaves - Buds & Blossoms

Sheep and leaves are mounted on 3D foam.

Hope you want to give it a try - it's nothing but FUN FUN FUN!

Hugs Lisa