13 June 2016

Krafty Tips & Tuts - Shrink Plastic

Hi Krafty Girls!
Lisa here, and I'm gonna shrink your kids.
Just kidding, but I'm gonna shrink my stamps!

Have you ever played with shrink plastic?
Give it a try, it's fun and easy and you can make the most wonderful decorations.

First - sand paper your shrink plastic. Especially if it's really blank. When you do this it's easier to get the colors stuck on the plastic if you would like to paint it. As the plastic shrinks LOTS you won't notice these scratches when you are ready. 

Stamp your images! StazOn is one of the best ink pads for this, as it dries fast even on plastic. But note - if you want to use solvent based pens or markers to color your image, those will also solve the black line so be careful. 

I decided to go for a bunch of flowers too. 

Fuzzy cut your images. As it shrinks, the white area around it also shrinks so you don't have to be pitty.

All cutted out.

I colored mine with my polychromos pencils.

If you want to hang them up - do holes. And make those bigger then you think looks nice - as the holes also shrinks! 

Use something that can take heat to hold your pice in place when you are going to shrink it. The pink underneith here are a heat mat, so it can take the heat. Make sure you don't burn something and keep your fingers out of the way from the heat.

A short video showing how fast the pieces shrinks if you use your heat tool. The instructions often say you shall use the owen, but this is much faster and you don't forget about your pieces.
Watch your fingers! 
When it shrinks it also curls - don't worry! Let it be, and continue to heat until it shrinked as much as it can. Then stop the heating. 
If the piece is a bit warped just press a acrylic handle on top of it right away when it's still warm. There you go - shrinked and ready. 

(Sorry for my text in the video is in Swedish, but the reason is that there is so many english videos and not so many in Swedish. The text under the video window tells the same in English.)

Lots of shrinked pieces! To tell you the secret... my camera went crazy and the first photos was gone, and so was the video. Had to do everything twice!

Here you can compare how much they've shrinked. Pretty much huh!? 
The stamp set is: Buds & Blooms

And so did these! 
The stamp set is: A Purr-fect day

Hope you want to give it a try. 
You'll see my card with some of the shrinked pieces this coming saturday 
if you are curious how I used them.

Hugs Lisa 


  1. Thank you for the great tutorial! I've nver tried colored pencils. Best, CG

  2. Using the Heat Tool to shrink them is a great tip! I used Shrinky Dink as a kid and have been thinking of using it with stamping just haven't gotten 'round to it. Thank you for this tute!