18 July 2016

Krafty Tips & Tuts - Adding Adhesive to Intricate Die Cuts (The Easy Way)

Hello!  Krafty Girl Larisa here sharing my first Krafty Tutorial with you guys!  Today, I will be sharing an easy way to add adhesive to intricate die cuts!  We all have them and we love to use them, but sometimes it can be a pain to glue intricate die cuts down without globs of glue oozing out.  So, today, I'm here to share a handy little Krafty Tip.  For this tutorial, I'll be featuring a stamp from the set A Bit Smart Assy 2 by Emilie Goulet. 

Here is the tag I'll be using, but it's not finished yet.   

First, choose your die and cut a piece of paper that is roughly the same size.

Then, cover the back side of the paper with any double-sided tape that has a paper backing on one side.   If you are working with a larger piece of paper, just use as many stripes as you need to cover the space. 

There are many different brands out there.  Any will work as long as it has a paper backing on one side. 

Place your die on the front side of your paper as you normally would and run through your die cutting machine. 

Remove the die cut from the paper and it should look something like this.  Leave the paper backing on until you are ready to place it on your project. 

Remove the paper backing from the die cut and you should be left with the sticky adhesive on the back of your die.  No mess and perfectly cut to fit! 

Here is the finished product: 

Hope I've inspired you with this Krafty Tutorial! Can't wait to see what you make! 

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  1. OMG this is brilliant!!!!!! And this tip could not be better timing! Thank You so much for this tip!!!!! It is greatly appreciated!