02 November 2011

Krafty Day FUN!

It's been two weeks since our Krafty Day Extravaganza and I'm only just now recovering!!  haha!!  What an amazing event!  We had so much krafty fun and I'd love to share a few pictures with you!!

The most important and exciting thing about Krafty Day was that one of our AMAZING artists was able to be here for the weekend with us!!  I'm SURE you know who I'm talking about!!  The wonderful Annie Rodrigue, artist of our Moonlight Whisper line of stamps, made the journey from Montreal to hang out with us and share her unbelievable talents!!  

Can you believe that Annie and I have been working together for over TWO years now and we have never met??  It was such a thrill to finally be able to meet and HUG her...(in case you ever meet me, you need to know that I'm a hugger!)!  I already knew what a sweet and generous girl she is but she is even more lovely in person!!  And SO talented!  And the funniest part is, she extremely humble and has no idea how much we ADORE her designs!! 

So Al and my mom and I picked her up from the bus station on Friday night and we took Annie out for dinner to Tiger Jack's.  We wanted to break her in slowly and prepare her for the madness of krafty peeps which would begin the next day!  haha!  And Krafty Girl Krista met us there too!  We had a hilarious dinner together, laughing and joking and drilling Annie about her talents!!  (We also may have giggled a lot at our waiter who was one of  'those guys' AND who Al swears was intoxicated at the time!!)

Krafty Day began VERY early on Saturday morning!!  (I will warn you about the pictures I share in this post today, as I was SO sick and I look ghostly and scary!!  I know....I get sick like, once a year and it just HAS to be on the weekend of Krafty Day!  AGH!)  We arrived at the hotel around 7am and began setting up!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our INCREDIBLE Krafty Girls and Krafty Girl Alumni who came down to London to help out with the day!  I could not have done any of it without you!!  They helped set everything up and get things situated.....not to mention they made me sit down a lot, kept me loaded with caffeine and made sure I took my medicine (thanks Melanie)!

Check out this awesome bunch!  This is the 'normal' picture with Mom, Krista, Me, Annie and in the back, Angie, Melanie and Kerry!

And here's one after Al said something off colour and made us all laugh hysterically!  I love the look on Krista's face!  Notice how my face didn't even change....it was either all the drugs I was hopped up on, or the fact that I've heard all of Al's jokes already.  You be the judge.

Tara and her sweet daughter Hannah came a little later! Aren't they cute??

Check out the fun everyone was having at the make and take tables!!  We did FOUR awesome projects featuring the new holiday stamps!

So while everyone was busy gettin' krafty at their tables with their Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps, the oh-so-talented Annie was gettin' krafty herself!!!  She was doing what she calls 'doodles' at a table at the front of the room!  Um...let's just say, if I could doodle like that....I would be in heaven!!  She brought her paints and brushes and check out some of the incredible 'doodles' she did at Krafty Day!

One of these beauties was raffled off with the proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Socitey!!  We also raffled off FOUR packages of krafty cards created by our wonderful Krafty Girls!!  Each package was jam-packed with 8 gorgeous cards!!

Also we had a Krafty Guest Spot contest during the day featuring our commemorative stamp, Best Friends!  This stamp is unavailable for purchase at the moment.....but you may see it popping up in the store sometime soon!  ;)  There were so many gorgeous designs and it was very hard for the Krafty Girls to choose a winner, but the winning entry was from Kim Brown!!  She will be joining us as a Krafty Guest for the month of December and will be helping us preview all the new release stamps!!!  I think she was a bit excited when we announced her name!!  Heehee!

Here are a few more photos.....we've got the wall of gorgeous Krafty Girl kreations.......

.....and a shot of our amazing new T-Shirts and Tote Bags....which may be making an appearance in the Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps Shop soon!!!  Are you excited???

The day was a complete success and I heard nothing but great comments as people were heading out that day, including a whole lot of  'See ya next year!', which is great!!  

It was a lot of work, but so much fun!  Meeting all you krafty peeps and sharing in our passion, was awesome!!  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will join us again next year!!!

Happy kraftin'!

P.S.  If you'd like to win your choice of a FREE Kraftin' Kimmie Stamp, hop on over to our Facebook page and leave a comment TODAY!!  Winner will be announced tomorrow!

P.P.S.  Tomorrow I will also be announcing the winner(s) of our Krafty Guest Spot contest that closed on October 31st!!!  Just wait 'til you SEE!


  1. I am so jealous!!!!! Wish I had been there :)

  2. How about you bring it to London in the UK next year - please, pretty please, with a big fat cherry on top ;-)

  3. Me too so jealous, what a fun day that looks to have been and congrats to Kim too yay :) well done xx

  4. I sooo need to get my passport and come up next year! This looks like so much fun! Gonna go add it to my "to do list" right now and glad you are feeling better!

  5. Looks like a grand time! Annie's designs and doodles are amazing! Such awe inspiring talent! Fun Ts and tote.

  6. We so NEED a Krafty Day here in the US!! Heck, you could even visit PA, if you felt so inclined!! Haha!! It is NOT that far!! Looks like you all had FUN!!

    ENJOY LIFE~Javablustamper

  7. Right Javablue... I've been trying for a Krafty Day in Md but I'd go to PA!!! This would be Heaven for me! What an awesome time it looked like!

  8. Oh wow, it looks like you ladies had so much fun! Thank you for sharing those awesome pictures!