19 September 2016

Krafty Tips and Tutes - Led Lights

Welcome Monday!

Lisa here today, and I will show you a way to lighten up your craft!
At least over here the evenings getting darker and it's cozy to get some lights around.

Today we are going to make your cards shine.
Not that complicated as it sound, and you don't need much extra stuff for it.

Battery (3V)
Copper tape

I filmed when I made my card so you get it all - all the misstakes and everything.
OK, I'll admit, all the junk is cut away to shorten the video, but you'll notice tracks of it on my card before I put everything together.

Important stuff:
-->  The battery can only make power to a number of leds, you'll notice in my video. Looks like 5 is the limit here. Oh yes, you can calculate on that, but if you are like me - you try and see what's happening. 
-->  Connect all the PLUS via one copper tape and all the MINUS via another copper tape. 
-->  PLUS and MINUS shall NOT be crossed and connect with each other. 
-->  Save Copper tape by cutting it in half lengthways. 
-->  When sending your card you can put a piece of paper between the battery and the coppertape to be pulled out by the reciever. That's why it's great to put the battery at one side of the card. 
-->  Don't trash the card without taking the battery off for recycling!
-->  DO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN who put stuff in their mouth! Batteries are dangerous to swallow!!
-->  You can hide these leds behind your paper if you want too, just poke holes to let it shine through. 

This is the kind of leds I've used, and I think you can find them easy. 
I bought mine on ebay as decorations at first.
("LED 5mm 2 Pin Round White")

You can also use the totally flat sticker-leds (Chibi lights) but the aren't as bright as these leds, and 
those you need to hide behind your paper or something. You connect them in the same way with coppertape etc like I've done in the video.

Looking forward to see lots of shining cards during the autumn!

Hugs from Krafty Girl Lisa.

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